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About the Animal Industries Resource Centre

Provet Pty Ltd t/a Animal Industries Resource Centre have been delivering nationally recognised qualifications within the animal care industry since 1996 and has been a member of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) since 2012. Its founder, a highly recognised veterinary nurse and now business consultant prides the organisation in offering the best study and assessment options for students and their employers. Our courses are offered via correspondence with a successfully blended face-to-face Smart Session (also offered online for our remote students) and practical assessment in the student’s own workplace.

The AIRC have designated trainers for each state with industry standard and training/assessment qualifications. We are proud to say that our trainers continue to work in the industry and attend continuing education to keep at the peak of their profession. Our students span Australia as well as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

iLearn Lounge is the AIRC’s student support platform. All students have access to this and if you choose the eBooks only study option, this is where you access your learning resources. iLearn Lounge allows students to access course materials such as workbooks, readings, Smart Session videos, student forums and assessments. You can also interact with your Student Support Coordinator and other students.

The AIRC offers qualifications from the Animal Care and Management Training Package and the Small Business Training Package. These are both Nationally Recognised by the federal government and can be used in any state or territory within Australia. The Nationally Recognised Training logo appears beside these courses.

We also offer additional special interest courses including our Pet Technician Certificate, Veterinary Nursing Technician and Veterinary Nursing Manager courses which are not Nationally Recognised, however all are known by reputation within the industry.

Our coordinators are qualified in both training and assessment and their area of expertise. The AIRC have designated trainers for each state with industry standard and training/assessment qualifications. We are proud to say that our trainers continue to work in the industry and attend continuing education to maintain at the peak of their profession. To find out more, visit our team page.

We agree it is important to choose a Registered Training Organisation that suits your study needs and career goals.

At AIRC we offer nationally recognised courses in veterinary nursing, animal care, companion animal services and business. We are a distance education centre offering students the flexibility to learn and work. Students will be supported by our coordinators via phone, email and live chat. To compliment student learning, many of our courses offer “hands on” practical days (not compulsory). The animal industry is a practical industry, and as such we feel it is important to assess your practical skills, not just your theory. Our students are not required to travel for their assessment, we are happy to come to your workplace.

Course Options

For Certificate II level qualifications and higher you are required to be in paid employment in the animal care industry. The veterinary nursing industry is highly practical and we find students benefit from the course much more when they are learning the practical skills on the job. While you look for a suitable position in order to complete your vet nursing qualification, why not consider studying an animal studies or pet technician course.

Yes. The AIRC offers students distance education courses to allow them to study from wherever they are located. Although we offer “hands on” practical days and the option of practical skills assessment at our AIRC Centres of Excellence, students are not obligated to participate in these. There is therefore no need for an AIRC student to travel in order to gain their qualification.

We currently offer our courses within Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and UAE. If you are wishing to study within a different country, we would ask you to contact the AIRC Enrolment Team. International students wishing to study our courses within Australia must hold a suitable working visa for a suitable timeframe to complete the course in full.

The AIRC offers a number of courses that are suitable for high school students to complete. These are recommended for grade 11 and grade 12 students only. As high school studies should be the student’s first priority we suggest you discuss your course options with your school vocational education coordinator before enrolling.

The AIRC have chosen elective units that are suitable for the animal care and veterinary industries. Within our Certificate I in Animal Car Industry Pathways and Certificate II in Animal Studies we have suggested the electives you study in order to progress in your chosen career. For students enrolling into Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing we offer a variety of electives so you can tailor-make a course to suit your interests and your workplace’s needs.

The courses we offer are targeted at those working with companion animal (i.e. dogs, cats, birds, etc). Although some courses offer species specific units suitable for large animal and rural workplaces these would not offer all the knowledge and skills you may need in this sector.

The AIRC do not currently accept students into Certificate II in Animal Studies or higher qualifications under a volunteer/placement arrangement. For further information on your particular circumstances please contact the AIRC directly.

The first step in becoming a Government Trainee is to find an employer agreeable to this. The AIRC can accept trainees from QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, and TAS. As funding options vary in each state, please contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre and the AIRC enrolment team for more details.

The AIRC appreciated that many of our students have extensive industry experience and we are happy to discuss your individual needs for study.

We offer student that have completed previous units in relevant qualifications (generally animal care, veterinary nursing or business) a fast-track through assessment via direct credit transfer. Students are asked to submit a certified (JP signed) copy of their Statement of Attainment/Academic Transcript prior to enrolment. The AIRC will not charge for units that directly cross over into the students chosen course, and the student will not be required to study or be assessed on these units.

Students with extensive industry experience wishing to complete their qualification without the usual time and money involved in nationally recognized qualifications may wish to consider our RPL – recognition of prior learning program. RPL students do not receive course materials for units they choose to RPL (as students first complete a self-assessment of the knowledge and skills that they have). Instead students move directly to the assessment stage and complete online discussion questions and quizzes to prove underpinning knowledge, and skills record logs and practical skills assessments in the workplace to prove their skills. Generally, RPL students are not asked to submit case study assignments, however additional evidence may be requested to showcase their experience within the industry. 

As per the Animal Care and Management training package endorsed by the Australian federal government, Certificate III in Companion Animal Services is not a recognized pathway for veterinary nurses. Although students may choose to complete Certificate I in Animal Care Industry Pathways or Certificate II in Animal Studies prior to commencing their Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, this is not essential.  Students are welcome to commence directly into Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing through the AIRC.

Our partner company, Crampton Consulting Group have a suite of continuing education opportunities available online.  To view courses that will interest you, go to


Once you have found out about your chosen course and have confirmed you meet the entry requirements you are ready to complete an application form. These can be completed online or an emailed version can be gained by contacting the AIRC Enrolment Team. We accept completed applications via email, fax or post. Some courses require details about your employment or additional documentation such as transcripts from previous studies. We would request that applications are only submitted once they are completed in full.

No. We appreciate you want to get started in your animal care or veterinary nursing career. For this reason we offer monthly commencements for most courses, and in some cases courses commence on a weekly basis.

As we don’t have “classroom limits” for our study blocks you are guaranteed a place once you meet the course requirements. The AIRC Enrolment Team will email or call you when they receive your application form and your application will be put into the enrolment queue for processing. Within the weeks prior to your course start date, you will receive an enrolment confirmation letter and receipt for payment. In the week prior to your course start date you will receive your welcome kit from your coordinators (containing your timetable and learning materials) and an email with your iLearn Lounge online access. You will then be ready to start!

The AIRC are unable to offer Student ID Cards as we offer part-time correspondence qualifications. Upon enrolment you will receive an enrolment confirmation letter which can be used as proof of enrolment to Centrelink, etc.

Payments and Funding

We offer a range of payment methods to give you flexibility in getting into a course. Please contact the AIRC for information specific to the course you wish to study.  Generally, you can pay your course fees by one or a combination of the following methods.


Ezypay is a company that offers a system to students wishing to pay by installments. When you choose this method on your application form, you will be required to pay a deposit only upon enrolment. The AIRC enrolment team will then post you additional forms to complete for all future monthly installments.. Students choosing the Ezypay option are reminded that they are committed to paying the full course fees, irrelevant to if you defer or cancel from the course. Find more information on Ezypay via their website.

Provet Plus Points

This method is only available to participating and eligible Veterinary Practices which are clients of Provet. Payment using redeemed points must be arranged prior to the enrolment process. Please contact us first to discuss if your veterinary practice has permitted use of Provet Plus Points.

Points may be used as either full payment for a course or as part payment (in combination with one of the other payment methods).

Course Logistics

The AIRC training team has developed a timetable to allow for students to complete assessments and be working within the industry at the same time. They also ensure that you will be studying topics being covered in the terms Smart Sessions so you can take full benefit of your course. If you feel you would like to work outside these time frames, we ask that you contact your Student Support Coordinator so that a suitable individual timetable can be developed. Although we are able to offer an extended timetable if you need additional time for each unit, fees may be incurred if you take more time than your course duration to complete the qualification.

We ask that students hold an email address and have reliable access to the internet before choosing to enroll in our courses. Most of our courses are online and we request students submit assessments and receive feedback in this manner.

Your workplace mentor/supervisor should oversee your training and daily duties. Throughout your course they will be asked to verify your practical skills and read your assessments for technical accuracy prior to submission. Furthermore, they should hold the same or higher qualification that you are enrolled in.

Students have the ability to defer their studies for personal reasons such as illness or a change in employment status. For more information read the Student Handbook. Should you not be ready to reinstate at the conclusion of your deferral period we would recommend cancelling from your course, with the option to enrol should you wish in the future.