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Advancing Your Career

Explore advanced studies for qualified veterinary nurses and practice professionals.

Advanced qualifications are available for those who already have employment within animal care practices and seek further career development. On this page we invite you to explore the Diploma of Veterinary Nursing and the Diploma of Leadership & Management.

Diploma of Veterinary Nursing ACM50219

The ACM50219 Diploma of Veterinary Nursing is an advanced qualification for qualified vet nurses to develop further practice specialisation. We offer elective choices in the fields of General Practice, Dental, Emergency & Critical Care, and Surgical.

Diploma of Leadership & Management BSB50420

The BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership & Management is a nationally recognised qualification for vet practice professionals seeking to formalise their skills and increase their business and people management proficiency. The course covers fundamental skills including: emotional intelligence, project management, recruitment and how to manage a team of employees.

Additional Animal Care Courses

For additional animal care courses that do not feature on the nationally recognised vet nurse qualification pathway, we invite you to visit our sister organisation, Crampton Consulting Group (CCG) which has hundreds of additional professional development courses.

About AIRC

Animal Industries Resource Centre (AIRC) is the longest practicing private animal care and vet nurse RTO in Australia. Our commitment is to the delivery of exceptional training in the fields of animal care and veterinary nurse practice.

We’ve helped generations of vet nurses develop their careers, many of whom now operate in senior level positions in the most advanced veterinary facilities internationally and across Australia.

We help our students take the right next step for them in a context of support and guidance.

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