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Funding Options

Find out if you’re eligible for funding via the Traineeships pathway or Higher Level Skills Program.

Every month, an average of 41% of our Australian students undertake accredited training supported by an external funding source.

Traineeships for Vet Nurses (Queensland & Tasmania Only)

Many of our Queensland and Tasmania based students undertake training within the structure of a Traineeship program. Trainees are employed under a government-approved training agreement and may qualify for subsidised training.

We’ve compiled much of what you need to know about Traineeships on our website, and link to government resources where there are gaps.

But digesting all of it can be a bit confusing. So please make use of our education guides if you’re unsure how to proceed or simply seeking advice. We’re here to help.

Higher Level Skills Program Funding for Animal Care and Vet Nursing

Higher Level Skills Program funding is only available for our Queensland based students applying to enrol in the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Find out everything you need to know about eligibility, co-contribution criteria, and subsidy amount available below.

Fee For Service

If you are not eligible for government assisted funding, then yourself, and / or your employer, are responsible for funding the full value of your training. This is known as a ‘fee for service’ arrangement.

Certificate 3 Guarantee Program

The Certificate 3 Guarantee program is a Queensland Government initiative. It offers funded training for qualifications identified as providing high level skills, meeting employment and business demands in priority industries.

Find out everything you need to know via the link below.